Friday, January 19, 2007

Sex Today -------

Welcome to Sex Today.

Men and Women view sex totally different. Total opposites. We will explore these issues and help you to better understand sex today.
The differences in the way men and women view sex can lead to many problems.
For instance, men in general think about sex all of the time. Thats not a good thing nor is it a bad thing. Its A MAN THING! This could also be concluded as a "macho" thing.

I also think it would be fair to say that alot of men judge one another by their sexual adventures. Of course they do the same with their financial accomplishments, but Im sure that most do so with sexual accomplishments as well.

Getting a little deeper into this issue, I think it would be fair to say that a man wants a "hot" woman in bed, a very lusty & hot woman! However, I think that most men would look at a wife as a mother figure and mainly wants her to remain pure as snow! I think this is exactly where most women lose their grip with men when it comes to sex. They want you to be wild and "hot" one moment, and then pure and motherly the next. Each scenerario of course contains a completely different set of rules so what in the world is the woman to do????? Most women would view this as a double standard. Its like they have the ideal woman that they want to take home to mom, and the ideal woman to take home to bed. What a confusing thing sex can be these days!

Another VERY IMPORTANT factor in sex and the difference between men and women is that men look at sex as just that! SEX! Where in reality, women view sex as a statement of love as well as just the sexual aspect of it all. Women tend to believe you men when you say I love you, so watch what you say. You may be on your 3rd or 4th round of sex and that may be all you think about. But if you have said, I LOVE YOU, she may be thinking of your kids names at the very same time. ITS TRUE MEN! That's how women are! They look at sex and love together as to where you do not. If men and women could ever get it together where as they both thought of sex and love at the same time, it would be wonderful! Im not waiting on that to happen and I dont think that you should either!!!

Dont let women fool you though men when it comes to sex. They love having sex and its a very "HIGH" point of a womans day! I have heard men time and time again complain that their women just dont like sex. Or, they will say, "She likes it, but her drive is just nothing compared to mine." MEN MEN MEN..... Listen to me here: WOMEN WANT TO HAVE SEX AND THEY WANT TO BE IN THE MOOD!!!!! We are just not turned on as easily as you are. GET HER IN THE MOOD! Men need to take the time to be loving and talkative to the woman. Make sure that her needs are met as well as your own. Touch her and hold her. Talk to her. A very big plus with a woman is when its all said and done, lay there beside her and talk for a few minutes! If nothing else, you just did it for her then! They love the talking and the caring. No , its not what a man necessarily 'wants' to do, but it does wonders for the lady!
We hope this has helped you in some form or fashion. We will continue to add more and more here so check back often. We will daily explore SEX TODAY for both men and women. Thanks again and please bookmark us. Come back soon!